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In this video I talk about Yoonla, why I like it and how you can market it to start making money

Making money online is one of the most satisfying things you can do. I still love the feeling of starting a new project and seeing the first sale come in. Making money and having the freedom of being your own boss and working anywhere you want.

Pretty much everyone knows that this is achievable, you have youtubers making millions each year and it’s pretty common knowledge that you can actually make an amazing income just from staying in your house and pressing a few buttons on a keyboard. Using the Youtube example it’s definitely possible to make a lot of money but it does take quite a while to build yourself up as a brand and start to make money and during the time in which you may struggle to find the time to commit to it while building enough of an audience to make a difference.

Most youtubers don’t really know how to monetize their traffic and miss a lot of opportunities. That is where marketing good products comes in. If you find something that pays really well you don’t have to have a crazy sized audience to do well. That is why I like Yoonla because you can make really good money without having to have a brand first.

As I talk about in the video Yoonla pays you $4 per lead. So you don’t have to sell anything, you only have to get someone to sign up to Yoonla which is free and you will get paid $4. It’s not hard to get someone to sign up to something that is free and will teach them how to make money online. Infact it’s very easy and some people are making $10,000 a month promoting Yoonla. $4 just for someone’s email address is a crazy commission and they also accept worldwide traffic I compare Yoonla to other CPA offers in this video if you are interested.

You also get paid more if people pay for hosting and an autoresponder for their website (which gets built for them for free). You get $60 for getting a sale. So $4 for everyone who signs up for free and an extra $60 for anyone who pays for hosting for their website.

Yoonla is not free!

Well I have heard this a lot and it’s definitely valid in some perspective. It is free you can join Yoonla without paying a penny. Then you can look at all the videos and most of the training material. If however you want to get access to $4 referral leads then you will need a website. Which I have no objection against if I am honest. Every internet marketing project I do I build a website. ProfitGecko is a website and I pay for hosting and also use an autoresponder. So if you are serious about building a business then approximately $85 isn’t anything I would think twice about. Do you think the people making $10,000 a month with Yoonla care about the $85 they paid? No

As I say in the video $80 isn’t much for a business that is setup for you compared to the average starting price of a UK business is around $30,000. But I do understand the perspective of people saying it’s not free because you do have to pay for hosting/email. I also feel a little bit sorry for those people as they have a mindset that will probably never see them free from financial struggle.

Worst case scenario

Yoonla is a Scam! Lets assume you are correct what is the worst case scenario. You Join Yoonla for free and go through the setup process and decide to pay for hosting and the email autoresponders. The hosting you pay upfront for the year approx. $70 and you pay for one month of get response (auto responder) $15. So that is $85 for you to try it for a month. If you don’t like Yoonla then you can probably get a refund from Yahoo hosting and get response autoresponder if you decided that within 30days. Probably being the keyword as I haven’t tried and don’t know of anyone else who has.

Anyway carrying on with the worst case scenario. You promote Yoonla and actually put effort in, you only need 22 people to join for free to break even and you earn $60 for anyone who upgrades to elite. If you try for a few days with the methods I show you in the video you should easily be able to do that. But let’s assume you didn’t.

As long as you try you are going to learn new skills about internet marketing and you have access to some amazing marketers in the yoonla elite facebook group. You will have taken steps towards improving your future and taking more control of financial circumstances. People go to university and spend $10,000’s to get educated, here you will get educated with skills that you can adopt to almost anything in life and learn how to make money promoting digital products. So as long as you try in the worst case scenario you pay $85, don’t make a profit and quit but you will learn an awful lot in the process.

In a realistic scenario where you put in some effort you will earn $100’s to $1000’s extra a month.  $100 a month is one elite membership and 10 sign ups, which should be easy.

Knowledge is the most important step to success.

Okay you might of noticed that my landing page ( is very different from the one that Yoonla setup for you. I made a custom landing page as I think it converts a little better and is actually building a brand. I paid $60 to get the divi theme and used that to build the site if you are interested. I also customised the emails for my autoresponder. If everyone is using the same materials they are going to get similar results if you want to get better results you need to use better materials. Not that Yoonla’s emails are bad but I made some videos that explain Yoonla and tie in with my brand. Videos are more engaging than just sending emails with text. Those are the only changes I made really. It’s up to you if you want to modify your landing page and email swipes, it’s not necessary and don’t spend too much time on it if you do. You want to start promoting right away.

Promoting Yoonla

Okay so I think the video probably does the best job of explaining methods in which you can promote Yoonla and the logical way for you to do it too. If you aren’t very experienced you should start with free traffic methods. You can talk to a few people on the Yoonla facebook elite group some people are very helpful and will add you as a friend and show you exactly what they do. Get everything setup and ready so you don’t need to mess around and spend the whole day manually promoting. Setting time aside is essential. Don’t get lazy and promote as much as you can. You want results and see what works and then scale it up. If something works you can setup a tracking ID and tell a friend they can promote Yoonla and you will give them 50% and track their ID’s. That is a really simple way to scale, you can of course outsource to other people or get software to help you. Keep innovating and trying new things. Anyway more on automation on another video.

I recommend starting with social media first, which ever one you are most suited with. Set a day of promoting and do just that. A lot of people will send traffic directly to the landing page that Yoonla gives them I prefer to setup my own landing pages with Personal videos I have made on them explaining what Yoonla is as it helps with conversions. You don’t need to do that but you should be always trying to think how can you do things better than other people and that is one way. It also helps to send people to a decent page in terms of spam. If you page looks really bad, spammy and not very useful you are probably going to get banned. So all you need to do is interact with people and tell them about yoonla. If using Instagram or twitter just follow people who follow business related accounts. Put your link to your website in the description pretty simple method but it does work. You can use facebook and go into groups although a lot of them are sensitive to spam so join 5 a day if you are using a newish account and don’t post for that day. Then post the next day not promoting your site, try to be useful and not just a crazy spammer. A little more patience is involved but it is worth it.

When you do go to post your link don’t just post it without writing something that screams spam. Be creative and not salesy don’t write “hey guys make money with this” write something like “Hey guys, has anyone made any money with Yoonla? This video is pretty in depth and transparent. The creator seems to be making a decent amount of money and shows you how he does it” and link to your video. You can see why having a video is useful rather than sending them directly to your yoonla landing page. That is also part of the reason why I like to make my own page.

Try everything mentioned in the video from the 6:30 mark onward. But don’t limit yourself to that. There are tons of social networks I haven’t mentioned in there. Try them all and then find ways to scale it up. Here are 60 social media sites just from Googling

The most important part of this whole journey is to take action. I think most people could see the opportunity here and then they leave it there. You have to take charge of yourself and actually start to take action. Hint -> Join Yoonla

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