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Is Yoonla a Scam?

Good question. You should always ask that before getting involved with something especially if it is going to cost you resources, either money or time. I really don’t want to do one of these usual articles where someone shouts “It’s a scam” and then does a 180 degree turn at the end and says it’s not a scam its the best thing since sliced bread. I want to try and provide as honest an opinion as possible.

I have a video that addresses most of the reasons why you might think Yoonla is a scam. But this article goes into far more depth. watch and read both.

Is Yoonla a scam? – A quick answer…

No, but let’s investigate it further. So there you have it that’s the answer, no need to read any further right? Well not quite I still want to cover some reasons why some people including yourself might think it’s a scam. It is a real company and Reno is a real person and they do pay. So if you think it is a scam for any of those reasons it isn’t. The payment part I do need to cover though because some people do get banned or have their commissions reduced and believe me if that happens to you you’re going to think it is a scam.

Lets cover some of the reasons why you might think Yoonla is a scam

1.You have been oversold

This is a pretty common reason why programs are seen as scams. If something has been built up to fulfill all your hopes and dreams and it doesn’t deliver you are going to be disappointed and possibly think it is a scam.The further from reality and the truth that something is represented the more likely it isn’t going to be what you think it is and if that difference is big enough you will think it is a scam.

If something is oversold first you should look at who is overselling it, Is it people promoting it or the Yoonla team themselves? If it is third party affiliates overselling it then it says nothing about whether the program is a scam itself and this is usually the case with Yoonla. Reno and the Yoonla team are massively transparent even in the first video Reno says that he doesn’t want Yoonla to oversell it’s self and he is transparent and doesn’t promise unachievable results, he even says it won’t make you an overnight millionaire and you will have to do some work.

Affiliates get paid if you sign up so it is in their short term interest for them to tell you that it is going to make you lots of money if you join Yoonla. Short term because it’s not enough just to have people sign up to Yoonla those leads need to be people who are actually interested in Yoonla and will want to build an email capture page and become full Yoonla members. So really it’s in members best interest to not exxagerate and only target people who are actually interested in building a business and doing a bit of work and making a lot of money for their time. Not people who think that you can just press that “magic make me rich button” because that is not in Yoonla.

Some people are making a lot of money with Yoonla over $10,000 a month, you can earn a lot of money and their CPA payouts are huge but you do have to put some work in. If people are telling you that you will become an overnight millionaire if you join Yoonla they are lying. You can make a lot of money but you need to work. So if you have been told that it is a secret magic money making system that generates money at the click of a button with no work and you join and it doesn’t live up to those expectations then sure you might think it is a scam. That is obviously an extreme example but the point stands, if you think it is going to make you rich without work and you join and do no work then you will possibly think it is a scam but that really doesn’t make it a scam.

So yes, you can make a lot of money but don’t think you will become rich over night. You will have to invest either some time to market or money to make money quickly.

2. Not getting paid!

Okay so this is quite concerning you can find reports of people not getting paid. That screams scam and it certainly is a scam if they aren’t paying you when they should be. Just knowing that you might not get paid should turn you off. Unfortunately it is a reality with affiliate marketing that you might not get paid for your leads and in some cases this has happened with Yoonla, not to me though. Yoonla has a huge affiliate commission payout $4 per lead, you get $4 just for someone entering their email address, that is huge. So there is a temptation to “game” the system.

Some people just sign up through different email addresses and change their IP address each time. You could do that in 2 minutes, so you could sign up 30 times in an hour. Thats is $120 a hour just restarting your router and signing up. Other people buy loads of crap pop under traffic promising people the are going to be millionaires if they sign up is going to get you a lot of sign ups but none of those people are actually interesting in building a business they are just filling in emails on the pretense that they will become rich from entering their email onto a page. Listen to how silly that sounds. It isn’t going to work that way for them or for you.

You only get paid $4 a lead because Reno can make money from those leads himself. If you sign up with 100 of your own email addresses or just tell people to sign up who have no interest in making money online or running their own digital business then those people are not going to respond to Renos emails and they are useless to him, so he can’t and shouldn’t pay you.

If you did the practices above with other networks you would be banned and thrown off the network. With Yoonla most people just have their fake/duplicate leads removed and get paid what they should. I am a member to a lot of different networks and everyone either shaves or scrubs leads. Yoonla is one of the best networks I have used for actually paying you what you should be paid.

Try to start with Quality traffic and use free methods before you start with paid traffic if you are concerned or talk to the support team about your traffic source.

Is Yoonla a Ponzi Scheme?

I saw this post on the Beer money forum. One of their members was asking about Yoonla and someone asked “is it some sort of a Ponzi scheme” I will answer that.

A ponzi scheme is a system where you don’t actually buy anything there is no product or service. You simply put in money on the “promise” that you will receive more money in return. There is nothing in the system to make any money old investors get their money from new investors and eventually when there are no new investors the owners will run with what money they have left in the system. If you don’t know what Yoonla is and you can get money from recruiting new people then maybe it does fit the Ponzi scheme bill?

So lets have a look at an actual Ponzi scheme and see if Yoonla is similar.

Hey hey hey, Hopefully you don’t recognize the picture above and if you do I hope you didn’t invest in Bitconnect, my condolences if you did. Bitconnect was a Ponzi scheme and I hate to say it was obvious but it was. I did have friends who “invested” in Bitconnect and they lost all of their money. If anything promises guaranteed returns then approach it with extreme caution. If anything promises 1% daily compounded interest like Bitconnect did then it is a Ponzi and more than likely will perform an exit scam and run away with all the money like Bitconnect did.

Just look at the maths “investing” $10,000 for a year would give you $377,834.04. Do you really think that is sustainable? What about if Bitconnect ran for 10 years? $10,000 initial principle for 10 years you would have $59,294,472,476,515,491,840 thats a cool 59 Quintillion dollars, that’s 56,000 times the value of Apple, that’t the “power” (scam) of daily compounded interest. Even when I told people this the didn’t want to believe and lost all their money when Bitconnect did an exit scam. Don’t get greedy.

You can make money with Ponzi schemes if you “get in” early but you never know when it’s going to collapse but it’s massively unethical in my eyes. You can make money but it means that other people you recruit somewhere down the line will lose theirs, a real scummy move. People committed suicide losing all their money in Bitconnect.

So, a Ponzi scheme is something that doesn’t have a product or service and only gets money from new investors and distributes it to the old customers. Yoonla does have a product it is a whole platform to learn and develop your online marketing skills. They build you a site, provide you with training and materials and access to a private group of marketers. Then they offer you commission for referrals. there is no “Guaranteed” income you have to work and get paid really well for you work in most cases.

So is Yoonla a Ponzi scheme?

Nope and don’t ever involve your self in any Ponzi schemes. You don’t pay Yoonla any money, the only time you spend any money is to buy services from other third parties; Yahoo Hosting and Getresponse.

Is Yoonla a Pyramid Scheme?


So Yoonla isn’t a Ponzi, you don’t invest a principle hoping for a larger a return. But is it a Pyramid scheme? Honestly when I first heard of Yoonla and getting paid to recruit others I thought it might be. So lets have a look at what a Pyramid scheme is:

“A pyramid scheme (commonly known as pyramid scams) is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services.” <- wikipedia reference lol


“Both Ponzi schemes and pyramids are quite seductive because they may be able to deliver a high rate of return to a few early investors for a short period of time. Yet, both pyramid and Ponzi schemes are illegal because they inevitably must fall apart. No program can recruit new members forever.”

So does Yoonla does pays you referral commissions to recruit other people and then it will pay those people to recruit others and thats the main selling point. Eventually there is no one else to recruit so it stops working, therefore it is a pyramid scheme. Yoonla is more than the lucrative referral commissions though. It helps you build a much better sustainable business. Getting paid referral commissions on one business if it is non perishable will always come to an end once everyone in the world is on Yoonla you won’t get paid comissions for signing other people up. But that is okay because if you join Yoonla for what it actually is you will be using it to build your business and have an email list of people that you can continually market other offers to.

Email marketing is amazing. I have email lists in other niches and whenever I want to make some money I just send out an email with a product they will be interest in and make sales. An email list is as close as it gets to printing money. Each person you have on your email list should be worth around $1 a month. Build a list of 1000 people and you should be able to make $1000 a month just from sending a few emails. This is the real power of Yoonla, it helps you build this. Look at this site, I have an email form to the right and an email pop up because it works. I want you to sign up to my email list and then I want to provide you with useful content and then hopefully there will be products that I know you will want and will make you money and I will tell you about them and if you are interested in them then I will hopefully make some money too.

A pyramid Scheme example

Does Yoonla still sound like a pyramid scheme let’s have a look at a real Pyramid scheme and compare it to Yoonla. This article discusses a company called Vemma which was shut down for being a pyramid scheme. Vemma was a health and fitness Pyramid scheme that specialized in energy drinks and nutrition supplements. Vemma was posting claims that some affiliates were earning up to $50,000 per week. Sounds good right so how did you start:

 “New affiliates are urged to invest in a $500-600 “Affiliate Pack” and must buy $150 in Vemma products per month to remain eligible for bonuses and enroll others to do the same.”

So you had to pay $500 to join and spend $150 a month to remain on board. That is crazy. No doubt their products were also substandard but that is a lot of money, the main focus and most of the money was in recruiting other people not in selling their products. Yoonla is free to join. If you want an elite membership you have to get hosting and an email autoresponder not from Yoonla but from other companies at the industry standard price $80 upfront and $15 a month for tools that you should use with any web business. You then get access to the elite facebook group which is a really good place to network with other marketers, I have learned some things in that group and met some people that has made it more than worthwhile.

I hate Pyramid and Ponzi schemes. Ponzi are basically just stealing from people who are desperate or gulible and don’t know better and pyramid schemes just turn people selfish usually promoting substandard over priced products to their friends and adopt a cultist mindset.

Would I join Yoonla if it wasn’t for the commissions?

Actually that is a good question. I just rewrote my answer. I am a full time Internet marketer and I build my own website and incorporate my own email list building techniques so I don’t really need Yoonla to help me with those things. I already have all the tools they recommend. So I would be missing the training and the elite facebook group and those are excellent but once again I have quite a lot of experience and have a pretty good group of marketers that I speak to regularly.

If you aren’t already making a fulltime living online and don’t know the power of email marketing how to build a list or have a network of marketers that can help you make your first $1000 month then Yoonla is definitely worth it.

Too Long Didn’t Read

No Yoonla is not a scam. Some people who join and do no work towards marketing something that is really easy to market and make no money or those people who try to scam Yoonla are going to think it is a scam. If you are willing to do a little work and use some of my free traffic methods for yoonla then you will make money.

Yoonla can teach you skills to build your own E-business and at the very least put you on the right track to learning the fundamentals and having a website and squeeze page setup for you. At the very least you can get a basic membership. But really I would encourage you to venture a little further and buy the hosting and email responder and actually try to make Yoonla work. It is $80 to have a business setup for you to test and learn what works in internet marketing $80 is nothing compared to what you might spend on a learning course or private tuition. Making a financial commitment even a small one of $80 should make you take it a little more seriously and you will learn faster than just trying to find a get rich quick scheme for free.

My advice if you aren’t earning a decent online income (at least $1000 a month passively) Sign up and try it for a month with a friend at the very least you are going to start off down the right path.



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