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As have mentioned in my previous post an overview of Yoonla and ways to promote it and make money. I think Yoonla can be a great starting point for someone to make some money online with very little knowledge. In this video I want to quickly go over why I think Yoonla is a good program for beginners and also compare it to other programs.

So in the video (its only 2 minutes, you should probably watch it) I mention the reason as to why I like Yoonla and why it is suitable for people who are veterans of internet marketing and complete newbies alike. Basically its a huge opportunity for anyone and I hate saying that as it sounds salesy. But if you watch the video you will see why.

Yoonla has a low barrier to entry

I’m sure you know what that means but basically you don’t need any skills or technical ability to start with Yoonla.

Email marketing is still one of the most profitable methods of marketing available (on average for every $1 spent you make $44) and thats what Yoonla revolves around.The ideal situation is to have a website setup in a niche that people are interested collect peoples emails and email them with value and products they will be interested in. These products can be anything but since this is in the making money niche you can sell ebook and courses. This is the premise on which your Yoonla business will be based on, do not underestimate the power of email marketing.

So Yoonla setup a website for you and you don’t need to do anything with the exception of getting hosting and an autoresponder. The website they set you up with can be seen below.

Its a real low barrier to entry, you don’t need any skills to set it up, it’s done for you. Your only real job after that is to try and promote that page and get traffic towards it and there are countless ways to do that go to my blog post on making money with yoonla to look at traffic generation methods. After they submit their emails on that landing page they will be taken to the Yoonla landing page and they will be able to sign up. If they do you will make $4.

The screen shot above shows $10,000 of passive monthly income and that really is what some people are making with Yoonla. The payout for lead is huge which is why I recommend people to Join

Also mentioned is that there is no selling involved. Selling something isn’t necessarily hard as long as you can get the audience relate to their problem and then offer a solution. But it’s even easier if you don’t need to sell anything and you get paid per lead, which is what Yoonla offers.

Time to get setup is very quick essentially you can sign up and start straight away just by following this link But to get the site setup you do have to wait for the Yoonla team as it is a manual process, it’s usually less than 24hrs though, then market it and get some sign ups.

Getting paid per lead vs paid per sale

For beginners it’s probably better to get paid for leads rather than sales. The payouts are usually less but they are much easier to convert. If you only have one chance to try and sell something to someone when they come to your website it’s very difficult again another case for email marketing, send the potential customers a few emails to build trust or catch them on a day when they are more in the mood to spend money. With cost per action (CPA) offers though its far easier to convert that one off traffic as the “customer” doesn’t have to pay anything and you get paid.

The example in the video is of a “make money online” product from warrior plus marketplace. It offers 50% commission for a sale. The product is $7 so which means you will get $3.50 for each sale. $7 isn’t alot for someone to pay but it’s definitely harder to get someone to pay than just enter their email details like with Yoonla. Yoonla also offers you $4 for each sign up (from a tier 1 country) which is more than you get paid for the sale of the product. There are sell ups with the product so you might get more. But there are also sellups on Yoonla.

Compare Yoonla to other CPA offers

Getting paid per lead rather than sale is not unique to Yoonla there are loads of networks you can join that only deal with cost per action or cost per lead (CPL). Peerfly and Maxbounty are amongst the most popular and also OGADS which is mainly targeted at mobile app downloads and content locking.

There are however quite a few differences between Yoonla and other typical CPA offers. In the video I compare Yoonla to a CPA offer called ROBLOX

The first most striking difference is that Yoonla pays $4 per lead where Roblox only pays $0.40. Immediately that should send alarm bells ringing. If they are equally easy to promote you are going to get 10x the money for promoting Yoonla over promoting Roblox. Put another way if you were promoting them and putting in effort, assuming they convert as well then if you were to make $500 with Roblox you would make $5000 with Yoonla. Now there are a few things to consider, the main one being audience. If you have a way to target people who are interesting in games like Roblox but haven’t signed up then it’s going to be easy to make money. However it’s probably not the case if you don’t have an audience already do you think its going to be easier to find people who will want to play Roblox or people who will want to make money from a decent platform? I would go with money.

Also Yoonla has massive commissions and doesn’t require a lot to be filled out, just an email and name is all you need to get paid. Other CPA offers can require quite a lot of information.

Next is a big issue for me. What countries are allowed? Some offers only accept traffic from certain countries in this example Roblox only accepts U.S. traffic. Yoonla basically accepts worldwide traffic with a few exceptions. Tier one traffic is from the US, Canada, UK, Austrlia, New Zeland, Ireland and they give you $4 other tier 2 countries give you $2 per lead which is still better than Roblox and still better than banning that country.

Join Yoonla

Hopefully that sheds a little more light into the opportunity of Yoonla and why you should seriously consider it if you are looking for a CPA to promote.

Join Yoonla

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