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What is Yoonla? and what is Yoonla elite?

Okay so Yoonla can be a little confusing. How do you make money? What is it? What do you get and What is an elite membership? A few questions off the top of my head that you might be asking yourself.

So if you click here you will be taken to the yoonla sign up page, you can join and it is free, that is a standard Yoonla membership. Okay pretty simple so far. If you sign up you can get access to the backend you see in the video and you get access to the raining materials and tutorials about internet marketing. To be honest these aren’t great, they will be useful if you are completely new. The 3 guides to traffic (Youutbe, twitter and instagram) are pretty good but what you really have to do is try it. Nothing matters if you don’t take action and try it with your own twist. If someone tells you to do something in a particular way experiment around that and try to find a slightly better way, apply that to all Internet marketing.

Ok but what is Yoonla?

Okay so yoonla is tryign to introduce you to the fundamentals of Internet marketing which is to have a website that you own. please don’t use a free website like wix or non hosted wordpress because if you don’t own it they can be terminated at anytime. So imagine working hard on your website for a year building a social presence and getting backlinks from sites and marketing your site and then it is terminated because you didnt buy your own domain and hosting. I have seen it happen numerous times. Buy your hosting and domain actually own your website, that is one of the steps involved with Yoonla.

So the next and perhaps the most overlooked aspect on Internet marketing is email marketing really unexciting to hear about but it’s amazing when you have it working and every time you send out emails you make money. That is the real power of Internet marketing, building an email list of people you can contact and have visit your site multiple times not just once. That is why all big businesses try to get your email. Email marketing gets 40 times more engagement than social media. you can see some other facts about internet marketing from another one of my videos below

This is basically what Yoonla it is setting you up a website with a capture page to capture peoples emails and you also get all the training materials. You can also earn omissions on any of the products sold in the Yoonla platform back-end but not CPA comissions.

What is Yoonla Elite

Okay so now you understand what Yoonla it’s a bit easier to explain what Yoonla elite is. So if you do get a website and Hosting Yoonla will (at the time of writing this) manually set your site up for you and then you are an elite member. Once you have the site you are elite. This means you get your site setup for you for free, you can now get access to the Yoonla elite Facebook group, get extra elite email swipes and also get access to the CPA commissions. I also assume in future there will be more benefits but those are currently the four benefits that spring to mind. So it doesn’t cost anything to become an elite member but you will have to get hosting and an email autoresponder

Hopefully that clears things up a little as to what Yoonla Elite is and the difference between it and a standard account. Joining Yoonla is easy you can do it here. Getting decent traffic is the “harder” part if you haven’t watched it already watch my video on how to make money with Yoonla and if you have seen it before watch it again and try at least one of the free methods hard for a few days.

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